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| History |

The College of Science was founded in 2001. It was then renamed as the College of Ocean Science and Resource in 2005 with five academic units as follows: 

Department/Institute B.S. M.S. Ph.D.
Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science
Department of Marine Environmental informatics
Institute of Earth Sciences  
Institute of Marine Resource Management    
Institute of Marine Environment and Ecology    
The Ph.D Program of Ocean resource and Environmental Changes    

| Educational Goals |

To educate students progressively in marine affairs and resources management; To promote advanced research in ocean/earth/environmental sciences so as to meet the international standard.

| Features |

The College educates undergraduate and graduate students to take their place as professionals in the field of ocean and earth sciences as well as biological resources management so as to meet the diverse needs of society and industry. In addition to the regular educational programs, the college also offers special programs as Marine Environmental Informatics Program, Environmental Biology Program, Fisheries Science Program, Earth Science Program, and Marine Resources Management Program.

| Developmental Directions |

  1. To coordinate fundamental sciences in ocean, earth and biological resources among departments and institutes;
  2. To integrate mainstream studies with key labs so as to promote international standard research teams;
  3. To develop professional curriculum for students to meet the needs of the society’s expectation;
  4. To implement evaluation systems for faculties in order to upgrade the quality of teaching and research;
  5. To collaborate with other marine institutions for the National Center of Ocean Research;
  6. To promote the integration of research and teaching among ocean, earth and environment for biological and non-biological resources;
  7. To advance research in marine affairs, strategies and resources management.