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College of Ocean Science and Resource

  • The College was established on August 1 ,2002 .Untill August 1 ,2005 it was known as College of science and later its was changed to the college of ocean science and resources.It has following departments: Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science, the marine environment, Information Department, Applied Geoscience Institute, the Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management of the Marine Environment of Chemistry and Institute of Ecology.In line with the national ocean state policy and the with the help of country's marine resourses develpoed a special teaching reasearch team and laboratary and Research Centers.Marine science research, including marine physics, chemistry, biology, geology, global climate change, coastal change, marine telemetry, underwater search, earthquakes and faults of monitoring. Study of marine resources, including mining and development of marine resources and sustainable use of environmental and ecological preservation

The overall development and research directions 

  • Coordination of marine science and resources related to basic science department. To establish a major research topic, promoting Key Laboratory of professional training to become a world-class research team. According to the needs of the community and the quality of student employment, planning process and curriculum of the related fields of science. Organising the periodic evaluation of the approach of the teachers to enhance the quality of teaching and research. And other ocean-related schools, set up to promote international co-operation and inter-institution Marine Research Center. Integration of ocean, earth, resources and environmental sciences with other disciplines of cross-disciplinary research, and the establishment of marine database. Related research to promote marine affairs, strategy and resource management.